Hotfoot Down                    Big Easy Parade                   Three Meter Skeeter                  Bloozin' Elf

Set A Sampler

There are no changes to Set A since it was last used in 2016-17.
If your Set A is labeled "Edited As of 2016-17" you have the latest version.


2021-22 Pricing

You have the option of downloadable files or a hard copy CD.   

Shipping of $5 will be added to each shipped order.

Download orders are non refundable

10% of all sales is returned to ATSSB as a scholarship donation.
State sales tax must be added to all personal credit card orders.

Tax is not added to school credit card orders.

Basic order "Set A"  Files/CD - $72 

Print Music Files with score and all parts (PDF format)  

Audio/Audition MP3 Files (.Wav files on CD) 


Finale/MIDI/MusicXML Files/CD - $35 

Create practice loops in many sequencing programs. Requires Finale 14 or newer to use Finale files. MusicXML files may open in previous versions of Finale and many other notation and/or sequencing programs and can also be used to create Smart Music® files or similar practice aids for students.

Additional Audio/Audition CD - $14 each  

Permission to make or share copies of the CD (or MP3 files) for use by your students is included in your purchase.