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 If your Set B score is labeled "For Audition as of 2017-18," you have the latest version.

There are no changes to Set B since  2017-18.  

--->   ERRATA for SET B  <---

Sambamorphosis, Bari Sax, mm 92 & 96

 Low B's should be Bb


2022-23 Product Description and Pricing

The "Basic Order" includes PDF files for all audition parts, a conductor's score and additional parts to allow a full instrumentation for performance purposes.  The Audio CD/Files include the tracks used for audition as well as demonstration tracks for educational purposes.  

You have the option of downloadable files or a hard copy CD.   

Shipping of $6 will be added to each shipped order.

Download orders are non refundable

10% of all sales is returned to ATSSB as a scholarship donation.
State sales tax must be added to all personal credit card orders.

Tax is not added to school PO or school credit card orders.

Basic order "Set B"  Files/CD - $72 

Print Music Files with score and all parts (PDF format)  

Audio/Audition MP3 Files (.Wav files on CD) 


Finale/MIDI/MusicXML Files/CD - $35 

Create practice loops in many sequencing programs. Requires Finale 14 or newer to use Finale files. MusicXML files may open in previous versions of Finale and many other notation and/or sequencing programs and can also be used to create Smart Music® files or similar practice aids for students.

Additional Audio/Audition CD - $14 each  

Audio CD/Files are included in the Basic Set.  Permission to make or share copies of the CD (or MP3 files) for use by your students is included in your purchase.