In addition to the clinics listed below, we offer master classes for clarinet and saxophone, all region prep sessions, and professional development for directors. Please contact us to arrange your custom experience

ATSSB All State Jazz Audition Workshop with Buddy Mattei

What better way to prepare your students for auditions than with the composer of the audition music?!

Clarinet Workshops for Teachers  

Perfect for a 1 to 2 hour professional development session

The Top 10 Things that Beginners Do Wrong and How to Prevent Them

Beyond the First Year:  What's Next?

Boomerang Clarinet Problems:  They Just Keep Coming Back

Clarinet Clinics for Students and Teachers

Each is of these clinics is adaptable for any experience level, including directors who are "clarinet challenged"

How to Have a Good Reed Day...Every Day!

 Selecting reeds appropriate for your mouthpiece and adjusting them so they play better and last longer.


OH NO!  Not the High Notes!

Practice techniques for developing a better altissimo register. 

Tune it or DIE!

Every clarinet is different! Students learn which notes on their instrument 

are out of tune and how to adjust for better overall intonation.


What do you mean?...there are 3 ways to play Bb!?

 Alternate fingerings and when to use them

Practice Makes Permanent, so DO IT RIGHT!

A five step process for practicing correctly