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Clarinet Masterclass Stuff

HANDOUT  (Scales, Chromatic studies, etc.)

Concert Band Solo
Song of Spring by Hovey-Leonard

This is a good example of the smooth style you want.  The tempo can be slower if needed.  Be sure to practice with Make Music set to YOUR tempo.

Symphonic Band Solo
Serenade by Buchtel


REMEMBER!  WE are playing the first section LEGATO, not separated as on this recording.  It will also be slower.  

Honors Band Solo
Allelujah Exsultate Julilate
by Mozart

Tempo is 96 which should be your goal.  It can be slower or faster if you want. PLAY THE TEMPO WHERE YOU CAN PLAY AND SOUND GOOD.

This one is a faster tempo (126) and is a good example of the correct style.  She does however add a few "embellishments" that aren't written.  Don't do those.


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