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Concert Band

Listen and view samples of our music below.


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Kentucky Mountain Portraits  $160   

Concert Band - Gr. 4

Available as download with optional printed 11 x 17 full score

For decades this Lyndol Mitchell work has been a hidden jewel of mid-20th century orchestral composition with overtones of Aaron Copland and hints of Bela Bartok. This delightful work, based on simple mountain folk songs, is both musically complex and melodically satisfying. Mattei's masterful transcription for symphonic band is aimed at bringing this gem down from the attic to put on full display for your appreciative audience. Originally written as three separate works, each movement can stand alone and have been sucessfully performed as such. As a suite, Kentucky Mountain Portraits becomes the major anchor piece for your concert. Either way, this new addition to your library will be well worth the work for both the performers and the audience.

Star Spangled Banner  $30

Trumpet Choir

Tired of rehearsing the National Anthem for every football game? Give it to the trumpet section. This five part arrangement is easily accessible by high school trumpet sections.  Buddy wrote this for his trumpet section at Princeton High School and put the trumpet section and color guard center field.  The crowds loved it!  It has since been used at Dallas Mavericks and Stars games, Texas Rangers games, military ceremonies, and other public events.

Return with Honor - $80

Concert March-Grade 3

Premiered by the Plano Community Band at the Texas Bandmasters Association Convention in 2014, this military concert march opens with a playable trumpet fanfare, features chalumeau clarinets, and a short piccolo solo. Technical passages and ranges are playable by most high school students and better middle school bands while providing a bit of a challenge in all parts.

To a Musician - $65

Concert Band - Grade 3-4

If you love Percy Grainger’s “Irish Tune from County Derry” but it’s just a bit too much for your band, consider Buddy’s “To a Musician”. It requires the same musical warmth and expressiveness as “County Derry” but is scored with more comfortable ranges appropriate for Grade III literature. Although not as easy as it first appears, it is a lyrically melodic and very playable piece. It would be well suited for your spring festival or concert.

Blackland Prairie - $50

Concert March for Young Band

This was written in 1991 for the Class C Texas Music Educators Association Honor Band Performance of the Clark Middle Band of Princeton, TX. This march was carefully written with the capabilities of a single C band in mind, but still contains all the necessary elements to make a good concert march selection.  Challenging, but very achievable.

Gotcha! Cha Cha - $40

Beginning Concert Band

A delightful and fun Latin piece for young concert band, Gotcha! Cha-Cha keeps everyone on their toes.  Written with beginning bands in mind, it serves as the perfect piece for their spring concert or first "fun day" contest.  The clarinets are written in Three parts, with either the 1st (above the break) or 3rd (doubling the 1st part 8vb) being optional.  The trombones have a few options written in with regard to 6th position C and low Ab.  The Latine percussion interlude could be easily expanded and lengthened by adding other instruments, and/or by layering in the instruments one by one.  Have fun with this one, but stay awake - - anyone caught napping on the first beat of measure 36 or 66 is bound to hear, "Gotcha!"

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