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A Successful Method for Beginning Clarinet Instruction

     Student Book - $13.50

     Teacher Edition - $25

 A separate TEACHER EDITION is designed for the non-clarinet player or the first year teacher

and focuses on common problems to expect, along with solutions and teaching tips.                                                    

Features include:

  • Sequential development of skills and note reading specifically designed for clarinet class

  • Special attention to the development of hand position

  • Use of the right hand sooner rather than later

  • Playing and reading notes above the break before going OVER the break

  • The use of enharmonic tones and alternate fingerings  

  • Scales and arpeggios appropriate for first year students

  • Four pages of rhythm practice

This book is the result of many years of successful clarinet teaching and is appropriate for both class instruction and private lessons.  The scope and sequence of instruction help prevent many of the common problem areas specific to beginning clarinetists.  Marilyn Mattei has packed a wealth of knowledge into these pages geared to the beginning clarinetist.  Distilled from 40+ years of successful teaching in private lesson and class settings, her approach will ensure the maximum success for your clarinet students.

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