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It's TMEA time!

Just a few more days until 30,000 musicians make their annual trek to San Antonio. If you're one of them, I would like to point out three things that are not to be missed.

1. The Cockrill Middle School CCC 2020 Honor Band from McKinney will present it's concert on Friday at 1:00 in the Lila Cockrill Theater. I had the privilege of teaching private lessons at Cockrill for several years, and I promise they will not disappoint! Congratulations to directors Gary Williams, Matt Harp, and Robin Winter and their wonderful students for being selected .

2. And speaking of wonderful students, one of my former "claribabies" (who is now all grown up!) is performing with the Texas Tech Virago Wind Quintet. And she just happens to be a former student in the previously mentioned Cockrill Middle School Band! You can hear Katie and her quintet on Saturday at 10:30 at the CC North Lobby Showcase.

3. For Clarinets Only will be available at the Penders booth. Look for it in the clarinet methods section.

For Clarinets Only is exactly what the title says. It's written specifically for beginning clarinets and therefore presents a different approach to clarinet teaching from what you will find in the usual full band beginner books. Great attention is given to clarinet specific problems and sequencing of instruction. You can click the link below for more information.

Marilyn Mattei is the author of For Clarinets Only. Visit her web site for more information.

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