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Gotcha Cha Cha - Beginners Band - PDF Download


A delightful and fun Latin piece for young concert bands, Gotcha! Cha-Cha keeps everyone on their toes.  Written with beginning bands in mind, it serves as the perfect piece for their spring concert of first "fun day" contest.  The clarinets are written in three parts, with either the 1st (above the break) or 3rd (doubling the 1st part 8vb) being optional.  The trombones have a few options written in with regard to 6th position C and low Ab.  The Latin percussion interlude could be easily expanded and lengthened by adding other instruments, and/or by layering in the the instruments one by one.  Have fun with this one, but stay awake - - anyone caught napping on the first beat of measure 36 or 66 is bound to hear, "Gotcha!"

Gotcha Cha Cha - Beginners Band - PDF Download

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